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Galvanizing has become both a slogan and a requirement for the sector.the importance of metallurgical as regards of protection against corrosion, and it is there why METGAV INDUSTRY associate a Hot-dip galvanizing line with the metal processing workshop that is now becoming the most answered in the world. METGAV INDUSTRY will be able to provide solutions appropriate to the sector related to its range products such as buildings, street forniture, shipbuilding, new enrgy….etc .

As a result, METGAV INDUSTRY has adopted a concentrated industrial process of technology which combines productivity, respect for people and nature.

Application Process

METGAV opted for a hot-dip galvanizing process by hot immersion in a bath of zinc, 10 meters long, 2 meters deep and 1.5 meters wide, and this for large parts up to 12 meters in length.

But also the galvanization of the small parts such as bolts and screws by centrifugation.

Hot-dip galvanizing includes nine main steps to follow :

1- Degreasing

Which aims to eliminate all dirts and greases that prevents the dessollution of superficial iron oxides.

2- Rinzing

Rinzing is done after degreasing in oreder not to pollute the solutions that follow.

3- Stripping

Which aims to eliminate calamine and the rest of the oxides present on the surface of steel.

4- Rinzing

The second rinsing is also performed after the stripping in order to wash the iron salts’s parts and traces of acid that could potentially contaminate the next operation.

5- Fluxing

Which aims to protect the metal part against a potential re-oxidation and to optimize the adhesion of zinc on the surface of the metal.

6- Drying

The drying is carried out in a closed chamber where circulates a flow of hot air from the molten bath in order to avoid the thermal shock and the projections of zinc during the immersion of the part.

7- Zincing

The pieces are immersed in the bath of molten zinc at 450 °C and the times of Soaking is varied according to the size of loads, the dimensions, and the thickness of Part.

8- Cooling and Control

Galvanized parts are cooled and checked them for reliability reasons and credibility through a good equipped laboratory for a rigorous follow-up regarding physic-chemical analysis upstream and downstream of the zinc bath.

9- Passivating

That allows to give an appearance brightness to the finished product.