0 m
Cutting sheets metal
2 to 6mm
0 m
Plasma line
with 3 heads
0 m
Folding press
640 tones
0 m
Welding line
semi automatic
0 m
0 mm
Metal frame

Specialized in the study, design and manufacture,METGAV has a workshop of metal processing ,which include the latest generation equipments to knowing :

  • A line of planing, dressing and cutting of sheet metal from coils of different sizes and thicknesses from 2 to 6mm.
  • A plasma cutting line 12 m length with a 3 oxy-cutting heads,which is operable to cut the sheets according to precise geometrical figures,such the trapezoidal sheets for manufacture of polygonal and accessories of different forms.
  • Tandem folding presses of(2 × 6) up to 12m and more length.
  • A high performance semi-automatic welding line wich can weld pylons over 12 m and more length and 750 mm in diameter.
  • Hydraulic shear to cut sheets up to 3m in length.
  • Two universal punching shears for cutting the sheet into a ribbon ,small size and metal parts according to the desired punches.
  • A drilling line/a modern sawing with a programmable logic controller for making the metal frame and all type of merchant profiles (605mm).
  • A bandsaw for biased cuts of sheets and metal parts.
  • A radial drill.
  • Welding equipments for the assembly of semi-finished products.